Health and safety topics covered in formal agreements with trade unions

  • Report whether formal agreements (either local or global) with trade unions cover health and safety.

  • If yes, report the extent, as a percentage, to which various health and safety topics are covered by these agreements.

​This Indicator demonstrates one of the ways in which the health and safety of the workforce is ensured. Formal agreements may promote the acceptance of responsibilities by both parties and the development of a positive health and safety culture. This Indicator reveals the extent to which the workforce is actively involved in formal, labor-management agreements that determine health and safety management arrangements.

​Identify whether the organization had local or global agreements in place with trade unions during the reporting period.

Identify the extent and coverage of health and safety topics within these agreements.

Agreements at the local level typically address topics that may include:

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Joint management-employee health and safety committees
  • Participation of worker representatives in health and safety inspections, audits, and accident investigations
  • Training and education
  • Complaints mechanism
  • Right to refuse unsafe work
  • Periodic inspections

Agreements at the global level typically address topics that may include:

  • Compliance with the International Labour Organization (ILO)
  • Arrangements or structures for resolving problems
  • Commitments regarding target performance standards or level of practice to apply

Using this information, calculate the percentage difference between those agreements that contain this information versus those that do not.

​Potential sources of information include collective agreements with trade unions.