Development and impact of infrastructure investments and services supported

  • ​Report the extent of development of significant infrastructure investments and services supported.

  • ​Report the current or expected impacts on communities and local economies. Report positive and negative impacts where relevant.

  • ​Report whether these investments and services are commercial, in-kind, or pro bono engagements.

​As well as generating and distributing economic value, an organization may affect an economy through its investments in infrastructure. The impacts of infrastructure investment may extend beyond the scope of the organization’s own operations and over a longer timescale. This might include transport links, utilities, community social facilities, sports centers, or health and welfare centers. Along with investment in its own operations, this is one measure of an organization’s capital contribution to the economy.

​Identify the size, cost and duration of each significant infrastructure investment or service supported that has been implemented.

Identify both the current and expected impacts of each infrastructure investment or service supported. Collect information on both positive and negative impacts on the community or local economies. If different communities or local economies are impacted by the organization’s operations, collect this information.

Identify the financial arrangements associated with each of the infrastructure investments or services supported. Break these down into the three categories of commercial, in kind or pro-bono.

​Potential sources of information include the organization’s finance, treasury, or accounting departments.